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March 25, 2024 | Posted in Destin Guides

Destin in April

With April showers come superpowers, blooming flowers, and sunshine. When the sun is at its best, that’s when Destin really shows its true colors; you might even say when the Sunshine State is at its sunniest. Destin is the perfect place to be for April, and we have a whole list of reasons why. Don’t believe us? Just check out the list below.

What To Do In Destin In April

Spring 2024 Destin Food Truck Fest

You’re officially invited to a feast for food truck lovers. Honestly, there’s nothing better than handheld snacks of deliciousness and bouncing from one vendor to the other, exploring all the flavors. This event is held at the Mattie Kelly Arts Village, which, for starters, means views on views. As if the delectable food wasn’t enough to, shall we say, feast your eyes on, this feast-tivity comes with so much more than that. From 11 am to 6 pm, you’ve got vendors, bounce houses, live entertainment, and so much more that you will just have to get there to find out. Give those taste buds the treat they need during this April season and enjoy flavor and laughs with friends.

37th Annual Sandestin Wine Festival

Come to the event that’s so good it’s been happening for 37 years. At the 37th Annual Sandestin Wine Festival, you can, of course, expect wine, but this event is so much more. During this extravaganza, if you will, there will be dinner, beverages, celebrity chefs, and good conversation. If you’re worried that’s not enough, don’t be; there’s more. Music will be played to dance and jive too, along with some interactive experiences and occasionally even yoga! The main event is, of course, the wine, which will involve wine novices that have all varieties, styles, and price ranges for you to try and, if you enjoy them, even buy. Held at the Village of Baytowne Wharf, it’s a 4-day event that happens from April 11-14th. Live life like the Romans did, minus all the battles; you get the picture.

Movie Monday

Not everything during your vacation should be a tourist activity; sometimes, it’s fun to do as the Romans do, or the Destin-ers, for that matter. Held at Destin’s favorite hangout is the magic of film. The Destin Wharf holds a movie viewing every Tuesday. What should you bring? You, of course! And, all of your favorite people and even a lawn chair or towel for seating, maybe some snacks and beverages, then just sit back and enjoy. Movie nights are free and a fun way to spend the evening watching a good film.

Boomin’ Tuesdays 

You might wonder, is it as good as it sounds? We’ve got news; it is! And it’s worth every boom. Held at The Village of Baytowne Wharf, they’ll have you “going up” on a Tuesday, of course. So, what exactly goes on at these events? Well, here you can listen to the sweet beats from DJ Mike Whitty. This part of the boom is more for bass booms than anything. Is this where the boom in the name comes from? Not exactly; this happens later in the evening when you get your boom’s worth. Immaculate fireworks will light up the sky for a light show like you’ve never seen before over the beautiful lagoon. Enjoy an evening of booming and shaking.

Under the Sea 

Despite its name, we are not taking you under the sea, but we promise the name has meaning. Expect a whole day as a pirate would, well, like the storybook version. This is an elaborate treasure hunt, and as one might expect, you are looking for treasure. But what else? There will be mermaids, pirates, music, and games. It’s held at the HarborWalk Village, which is perfect for shopping before you play! Enjoy a day of childlike enthusiasm.

Party Fowl Destin

Eventually, a girl (or guy’s) gotta eat. And that’s why we’re taking you to the newest, hottest spot around, Party Fowl, Destin. If you’re the kind of person who’s interested in some chicken, you’re going to love this spot. Established by Executive Chef Bart Pickens, we’re hoping you like your chicken hot, and not just temperature-wise, because, at Party Fowl, they have all the heat options with levels varying from “Southern Fried” to “Poultrygeist” and other classics. Not only are they serving up sweltering hot fried chicken, but they’ve got refreshing beers to wash it down with, too. If beers aren’t your thing, don’t worry, Party Fowl is home to the original Boozy Slushies. This place has more to offer than meats; they serve salads and fish, too! Come and enjoy all this restaurant has to offer, and we promise you won’t be committing a party foul.

Destin, Florida Pontoon Rental

As far as saving the best for last, you bet your sunburnt bottom we did. Take a wild ride on the not-so-wild side of our emerald waters on your Destin pontoon rental. Enjoy a day of lounging on cushy seats or swimming in the ocean. Our pontoon rentals are going to be you on a private boat with all the people you love, certainly beats hanging with a bunch of normies, so grab your favorite people and head on over for your day on Destin pontoon boats for rent.

April in Destin, Florida, is a time of vibrant festivities, delicious food, and unforgettable experiences. So get to packing and head out for a journey to Destin this April. 

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