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March 15, 2024 | Posted in Destin Guides

Destin Spring Break for College Students

Welcome to the vacation that will have you saying, “Spring break forever.” Although James Franco will not be making an appearance, and we’re not taking you to St. Pete Beach, we promise to take you someplace better – we’re talking Destin, Florida! College is hard, but we’ll tell you what’s not difficult: vacation, baby! If you chose Destin, you and your favorite college buds will surely have a good time. You might be stressing about exams, but don’t stress about things to do on your time off – we’ve got you covered. Check out our list.

Things To Do In Destin For College Spring Break:

Under the Sea

When it comes to spring break, you want to ease your way in. This spot will have you singing the tune of Ariel, and as that cute little lobster says, “Down where it’s better,” that brings us to where? Under the sea, of course. Live out your childhood all over again for an under-the-sea-themed escape. Held at the famous HarborWalk Village, you and your friends can enjoy a few fruity beverages before heading over for hidden treasure and magical mermaids. If y’all are interested in hearing some tunes, you’re in luck; Three Bean Soup will be playing. We know what you’re probably thinking – what’s an underwater adventure without pirates? Don’t you worry; pirates will be there too! Grab your best mates and ahoy!

St. Patrick’s Day Bash at Props Craft Bar

For our next spot, we’re thinking of something as green as our shores and maybe a Guinness pint-sized little fellow with red hair and a top hat. If you’ve guessed St. Paddy’s Day, you’d be correct! Held at Props Craft Brewery & Taproom, this place of fun turns into the treasure at the end of the rainbow on St. Paddy’s Day. What can you expect there? Food trucks, music, and ax throwing! What could be more fun than that? Well, green beer, of course, but also an archery range and batting cages. While here, the fun is truly endless, and you always have the chance of getting lucky with a bullseye or at one of their many other games. You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy these activities, but you sure will have an appreciation for them when you’re done.

Silent Disco – Neon Luau

We’ve all had the experience of that one friend who needs to have control over the music; how about an event where you control when, what kind, and for how long you want to listen? At Silent Disco – Neon Luau, you can do just that. Let’s talk venue for a moment. Palm Folly Hard Seltzers’ minimal beach decor brings a whole vibe of beach town meets serenity, and when it comes to nighttime things, you’d bet your bottom this place is bringing the fun. What can you expect at this silent disco-neon luau? For starters, dope wireless headphones, and then, unlike other experiences where if you don’t like the DJ, you dip, you get to choose between three different DJs. Enjoy the beverages, moves, and vibes. Head to the party where you make the rules, as far as the music goes, anyway.

Downtown Fort Walton Beach Block Party

While in Destin, you and your crew might get over touristy things rather quickly, which is why we’re bringing you to meet the locals at a block party. The Downtown Fort Walton Beach Block Party is everything you want in a block party. While roaming the streets in the sunshine, you can expect music, amazing food vendors, art, and so much more. This event is held in the lot behind Coasters & Music Hall. You won’t want to miss out and don’t worry, you have all day to make it over there. Come to the emerald shores version of a classic cookout.

The Red Door Saloon

If it’s bars you’re after while on vacation, we’re certain there will be a point when hitting up a bar is necessary. The Red Door Saloon has all the things to make sure you and your friends have a good time. This spot is all the rage between both the locals and visitors alike. There, you get affordable drinks, tasty food, and a view. Hit up the bar where legends are made.

Pontoon Boats

This last spot will have you and your friends thinking you’re in a 2000s music video. Let’s face it; not everyone can afford diamonds or Lamborghinis, but grab a few friends and rent your boat and you’ll be feeling like Drake in no time. If you’re in your “no new friends” era, this Destin pontoon boat rental is perfect. Just you and the crew jamming out to your favorite tunes, the wind in your hair, and waving at other boats passing by. Come and get sun-soaked or soaked if you want to take a dip. Rent a pontoon boat charter to enjoy some beverages and lounge around or float alongside the boat in an area you wouldn’t have gotten to just swimming from shore. Do not forget that Crab Island pontoon rental in Destin, Florida, is a fun option for you and your friends to choose from. This boat seals the deal when it comes to a Florida vacation; it’s not a trip completed without it.

Spring break in Destin, Florida, is giving the energy of Barbie’s dream house, and everyone’s invited. Put those laptops away and tell your teachers you’ll be back Monday, because you’re going on vacation.

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