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May 9, 2023 | Posted in Destin Guides

Sand, Sweat, and Tears: Beach Workouts So Good You Could Cry

Summer is almost here and that means beach bodies are near. Why not get your beach body by being on the beach? Working out may not come naturally to you but the beach is the most natural place to be if you want to give working out a go. Think of the miles of soft padded land the beach has to offer while you get your sweat on. Maybe you’re the kind of person who wants variety and can’t think of specific beach workouts; don’t worry, we made a list just for you!.

7 Killer Destin Beach Workout Tips

We got you…

Running Along The Beaches Of Destin

If you’ve ever started a running club for procrastinators that never got off the ground, this one’s for you. Well, just the part where you’ll be running. We’re sure you have heard about how harsh running can be on your joints and how boring it is, that’s why running on the beach is ideal. Turn that procrastination into preparation. Let’s start with the fact that there’s a view of endless blueish-green water. Running along the beach is not just good as an aesthetic though, it also provides a softer landing so those joints don’t feel worn down after. Walking in the sand can take a bit of effort as can running which means you use more energy and burn more calories! Last but not least, beach running ignites the core, making it a good workout for multiple parts of your body. Get out there and pretend you’re a bae from Baywatch (pun intended).

Jumping Jacks In The Beautiful Destin Sand

When at the beach you should “jump around, jump up, and get down”. This is, of course, the basic ingredient for a jumping jack, whether or not the song needs to make its way onto your playlist is up to you. But why jumping jacks? For one, they’re fun. No need to withhold your enthusiasm, just lean into it and reminisce on your childlike energy, bouncing up and down. Moreover, while you may think jumping jacks are just for the legs, they’re a whole-body workout, double the fun and the impact. Have you noticed your hips getting a tid rickety over the years? Jumping jacks can help strengthen those hip muscle fibers. What’s more, have you ever tried impressing people by rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time? Or maybe just want some more hand-eye togetherness. Jumping jacks helps with coordination. Get to jumping or get lost!

Beach Yoga

When you think yoga, you most likely envision a calmness, or a softer, lighter energy. All of these descriptions could also be said for being on the beach. Aside from just the general appeal of yoga plus oceanfront, there’s a fun scientific fact as to why it’s superior to a stuffy indoor space. When you’re by the beach your body can absorb oxygen easier because of negative ions distributed by ocean air.  All of this is amazing but what about the exercise itself? Yoga is all-around amazing for your whole body joints, mind, and soul. Yogis are truly some of the most serene of humans and dare we say happiest? Embrace the moment and get zen!

Swimming In Destin’s Beautiful Water

Being weightless in a body of water among all the little fishies is incentive enough to get people out there and swimming, but add all the other benefits and we’re talking a super workout along with a super sunny day (no promises on the weather). What are the benefits of swimming in the ocean? For starters, you don’t have to worry about sharing the pool lane like you would at your local pool. The ocean is vast, and she’s there for everyone. What’s more is swimming is a full body workout if you put Mother nature’s current and waves into the mix – that’s added burning calories baby! If we lean into the science of what makes the ocean good for us we could mention its immune-boosting properties or how the minerals help improve skin and reduces inflammation. Lastly, and this is helpful for us old folks, it’s a great workout for the joints. Be the mermaid/merman you’ve always wanted to be and as Sebastian from The Little Mermaid once said get “life is better, under the sea”.:

Destin Beach Volleyball

What calls for tiny shorts and tossing a ball over a net? Imagine Baywatch but replace lifeguarding with playing sports. Honestly, what’s more fun than throwing a ball into the air with the hope that it never hits the ground? Or if it does you might get a point! While volleyball is good for many things, hand-eye coordination is at the top of that list. Jack, be nimble, but Jack also be quick, you know what we’re saying? Also, volleyball improves mental health, you play alongside other people while having a blast and trekking through earth’s most pleasant textures, sand. Work those calves and get served!

Destin Beach Walk

This is probably the most unexpected work out of them all, and also the easiest. It’s simple, go for a walk. Going on long walks is known for improving mood, and walking in the sand vs land means your muscles are working just a bit harder but with the same ease. Bring a camera along and take some cool shots while you get your workout in. This exercise includes the fresh saltwater breeze gazing across your face with the wind in your hair. It’s ethereal. Walking on the beach is both easy and effective, plan to do it alone or with your crew.

Jet Ski

Another unfamiliar workout that makes you feel like a NASCAR driver on the ocean. Jet skis!

Aside from going fast, this activity bears a lot of benefits. there’s the cardio benefits, that’s right jet skiing can burn up to 400 calories, while you’re sitting down! We’ve all heard of resistance training, this kind of resistance training is not only an amazing time but a fantastic workout for your arms and legs. Thinking about improving your core? Jet skiing has your back .. and your front for that matter jet skiing helps improve balance which helps strengthen the core. Get all the benefits with all the fun, rent a jet ski for your water adventure today!

With the workouts listed, you’re certain to look like a lifestyle coach in no time, just remember that with great beach workout power comes great responsibility …use your new bodacious bod with caution.



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