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February 9, 2023 | Posted in Destin Guides

Destin Nightlife: Experience Destin After Dark

After spending the entire day with your family enjoying a Destin, Florida pontoon rental, and the beach you might be left wondering what to do. A Destin pontoon rental is a great activity to do while the sun is out!

Everyone knows the daytime in Destin is all about sunshine and Destin pontoon boats for rent, but what about those of us who want to get into the action of the nightlife scene?

When the sun goes down is when the mermaids and sea serpins come out to play!

Here are 7 days of things to do at night in Destin

 Boathouse Oyster bar

If you’re sad you might have to leave the harbor, you don’t have to be, this bar is on it.

Aside from the boathouse-themed aesthetic, this spot is known for its amazing oysters and gumbo.

The Boathouse Bar is the kind of night activity where you can throw on your flip-flops and tee shirt and get into the island life.

Hang out and enjoy their domestic beer deals while staring off into the ocean sunset.

This bar is open until 4 am some days, so make sure to take your beach naps.

If you’re the kind of person who gets tired early, their local live music will give you the energy to keep going!

Good Vibes Bar

So you want to watch your favorite game, but you want to be bougie about it.

This bar has you covered. The bar’s design is a chic beach and their outdoor seating has murals and palms that make it photo worthy for Insta.

Listed as a sports lounge, you can expect nice cocktails, good food, and your favorite game.

This bar hosts fun events on occasion to spice things up and is available for private party bookings if you have something you want to celebrate or just want space for yourself.

Good Vibes has specials on various days of the week, so be sure to check out their Instagram!

The Edge Seafood & Restaurant

The best way to describe this bar is as a metaphor for a person who wears a nice button-down shirt with flip-flops.

This place is one of the many unique things to do at night. The Edge seafood is where you can find that nice in-between from classy to chill, it has a bit of both.

Here, you can enjoy watching local fishing boats unload and dolphins swimming along the harbor.

In the evening you get to enjoy the ocean lit up from under the stilts of the establishment giving a glow to the emerald green waters.

There are multiple facets to this restaurant and bar. The restaurant is at the bottom of the building and serves delicious seafood and drinks.

The rooftop of The Edge Seafood & Restaurant, is the Skybar, towering over the ocean at gorgeous vantage points. You can enjoy a tasty cocktail while sitting on luxurious outdoor couches and cozying up to their fire pits.

 McGuire’s Irish Pub

Everyone knows the Irish recognize how to have a good time, this brings us to our 4th location.

McGuire’s has been around since 1977 and is an old New York-themed Irish saloon that originally opened in Pensacola.

In 1996 McGuire’s opened another location in Destin and hit the ground running.

This is a popular spot for casual drinks and Irish-themed food.

Let’s talk beer, McGuires has its own brewery, so you know the beer will be delicious.

If beer isn’t your thing this bar also has its own wine cellar, the wines are from all 5 Bordeaux premiere Cru regions and the cellar has a sommelier so you can bet on it being the real deal.

Come and enjoy their Irish music and hang with some pals over a few beers.

Don’t forget to check out their youtube channel Katie McGuires cooking show!

The Wine Bar

Next up on a list of what to do at night in Destin is something elegant, opulent or complex even. These are all ways to describe different personalities…. Of wine, and this bar has them all.

This wine bar is located in the shops of paradise key, the ideal after-shopping activity. Speaking of activities this wine bar has plenty of events to choose from listed on their online calendar.

If you’re hungry you can enjoy one of the fabulous small plates that pair nicely with the wine.

The atmosphere is a combination of a posh lounge and a romantic dining space.

A wine bar wouldn’t be complete without a wine cellar, which is located next to their giant plush leather couches.

Be sure to check this place out on a Saturday when they have a Saturday steak night special, where the chef whips up a unique preparation.

Fudpuckers Beachside Bar & Grill

If you’re looking for an early evening and want to bring the kids along this is a good spot.

This location has some nightlife in Destin that is family-friendly.

Fudpuckers is colorful literally and in spirit, this bar and grill has delicious food and even comes with a show (if you choose).

The feel of the restaurant is similar to mini golf and brings out the fun in anyone who enters.

The drinks here are just as lively as the grill itself, serving up giant margaritas and milkshakes.

Inside this bar & grill is Gator Beach where you can have a drink and watch some gators.

Gator Beach has plenty of show times but the latest one starts at 6, try not to miss it, it’s worth it!

Bitterroot food and spirits

This is your night to get all dolled up and TREAT YOURSELF.

This restaurant/ bar is sight for sore eyes, with wooden panel ceilings and velvet green chairs.

Here, the food is to die for, enjoy their pan-seared tile or their seared duck breast. Heck, you could even skip the dinner altogether and go straight for dessert.

Past dinner hours Bitterroot provides some late-night fun until 11, where you can enjoy carefully curated cocktails.

If you happen to get in early don’t miss out on their happy hour from 3 to 6!

Come hang out where “it’s all about the Palm Trees and it’s 80 degrees”!

Grab your crew or your family, you could even come alone, either way, there’s a good time in store for when you get there.

And that’s a wrap for our Destin nightlife roundup

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