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January 30, 2024 | Posted in Destin Guides

All Roads Lead To Sea Foam : A List of Ways To Get To Crab Island

Originally known as Bird Island, the area of Crab Island was a popular pit stop for locals working their way around the East Pass. Eventually, the US Army Corps of Engineers wanted to create a navigable channel for the ever-growing fishing boats. The East Pass of Destin began in 1931 and by the 1960s, the navigation still wasn’t seamless, and they decided to build jetties. Today, the island, as the literal definition, is no more. There is some discourse about who and what to blame for this, but the point remains; it is, in technical terms, today a sandbar, and much like most other bars that live on today, this one’s a ton of fun in the sun. So now that we’ve convinced you, how do you get there?

All The Ways to Get to Crab Island

Parasailing Above Crab Island

Some people only dream of flying, but how would you like to make that dream a reality? Parasailing originated in 1961 when an engineer made adjustments to an existing military parachute that had been used by paratroopers. When did our modern-day recreational parasails come about? In the 1970s, Mark McCulloh made it so flyers took off from platforms, which made for a much safer, more controlled parasail. Parasailing is the kind of thrill you can have without any of the risks. If you enjoy the weightlessness of the water, you’re bound to enjoy the weightlessness of a parasail. Above all else, parasailing your way to and around Crab Island ensures aerial views you wouldn’t otherwise experience.

Island Runner Crab Island Cruise

This option is for the social variety; this cruise is made to be with your closest friends or meet and mingle with others. How many people exactly can be on board? 27, that’s right – not quite a cruise but just the right amount of people to make any trip fun. When it comes to safety, this boat has what you need; being your trip will include a US Coast Guard certified charter boat and captain, not only that, but the boat is fully inspected and insured, and just in case you need more reassurance, the captain is also CPR certified. What else can you expect on your journey to Crab Island on this magical cruise? A shaded deck that goes all around the boat and bench for seating AND storage. Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more fun to be had, the Island Runner Crab Cruise has lily pads, water floats, and toys. This journey to Crab Island is certain to be a good time.

Destin Pontoon Boats for Rent

First, you might wonder what a pontoon is. Great question – pontoon boats were invented by Ambrose Weeres in 1951, who would later be called Mr. Pontoon and created the boat based on the premise of wooden decks being built on two columns of steel welded together. So, what makes Destin, Florida pontoon rentals so great? Pontoons are slow-drifting boats; the boat is a smooth ride and easy to stop when you hit up Crab Island. Crab Island Pontoon rentals in Destin, Florida are also good for shallow waters, which is perfect for getting as close to Crab Island as possible. When it comes to our pontoon, you can anticipate riding on a 24-boat with a seating capacity of 12 mates. The four-stroke motors are quiet, which is perfect for not scaring the fish away on your journey. Sometimes while cruising on a boat, we need a little break from the sun, which is why our pontoons have a bimini top. The boat comes with some luxuries you’ve heard of in previous boats like a licensed captain, a Bluetooth speaker, a lily pad, water toys, and a cooler with ice and bottled water. This option for Crab Island is probably the most lax for a day of ease.

Jet Ski

If you didn’t grow up near the ocean, you might be scratching your head wondering, what the heck is a jet ski? These bad boys were initially called personal watercraft, for obvious reasons. Kawasaki, a Japanese company, made a brand of watercraft titled a Jet Ski with the intent to hold one to three people, similar to a bicycle to go about the water. In 1972 the first stand-up Jet Ski was created and began the first successful commercially. Today jet skis can go 40 to 70 miles per hour! With speeds like this, you may wonder if there’s an Olympic sport after it. Not quite the Olympics, but The Asian Games do; they are held once every four years, so plenty of time to practice if you want to give it a shot. This is for an expedited trip to Crab Island.

Wave Runners

Wait, wait, wait, you thought a jet ski WAS a wave runner? Understandable, they are similar, but also different; let us explain. Clayton Jacobson II, who was a motorcycle enthusiast and banker, built the first personal watercraft in the 1960s; then in 1971, as we mentioned, Kawasaki introduced the jet ski. In the 1980s, Yamaha created the first saddle watercraft. With all that information, what is the difference between jet skis and wave runners today? The way in which you sit or stand; jet skis are known to have more of an adventurous position, quite Bond-like… James Bond, and likely you will be standing, while wave runners are for sitting explicitly. You may wonder if there are any speed discrepancies; the answer is, that it depends on the type but overall not really.

There you have it, all the different ways you can show up and show out on your adventure to Crab Island, there’s no wrong way to do it, only to put some fun into it.

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