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February 14, 2024 | Posted in Destin Guides

Crab Island for Beginners: Do’s & Don’ts

Eureka, you’ve found it – an “island” like no other, one for the birds some say, or perhaps the crabs considering the name. You might have already guessed that we’re writing this next blog on Crab Island, and you’d be correct. Located in Choctawhatchee Bay, just north of the Destin, and the Marler Bridge, Crab Island is a tiny plot of “land” that has a big old good time. Crab island pontoon rental in Destin, Florida is a fun activity to go to with family or friends. When it comes to the island that is but a sandbar, there are some things you must do, and then there are some things you should not even contemplate. Pontoon boat charter is the way to go when heading to Crab island if you want us to take care of the boating part for you. Whether it be your first time at Crab Island or you’ve now been so many times you can call yourself a regular, these tips and tricks on what and what not to do when visiting Destin’s Crab Island on our Destin pontoon boat rental are certain to be helpful.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Crab Island

Don’t: Go on a swimming excursion past Crab Island

It might be tempting upon arrival to show off your swimming skills and try to float past the island. We’re here to say, don’t do that. Current isn’t just a fruit around these parts; it’s the large movement of water kind of current that will get you. The current has been known to even give a little push while standing if that gives an idea of why we suggest staying on the safe side. Crab Island itself is safe; however, the currents are known for their strength, so if you feel like showing off, make sure to do it in the Crab Island area.

Don’t: Dive

Again, for all those showboaters out there (no pun intended), diving can be fun, and it can also look cool. You know what’s not cool, though? Breaking your neck. With that being said, are we certain something awful will happen if you dive in? No, but it’s the uncertainty you should watch out for. On Crab Island, the depth is rather deceiving; you could be looking down thinking that water reaches Atlantis when, in reality, you’re one minute away from a Regina George moment in a head brace. All that to say, enjoy the water, get in any way you please, just don’t dive; trust us, it’s not worth the risk.

Don’t: Approach The Animals

If you’ve ever lived through the moment of a friendly sea creature passing you by, you know the rush of joy that goes through you like Christmas morning. While out on the island-turned sandbar of Crab Island, it’s at enough of a distance to have your shot at seeing sea creatures you wouldn’t normally see closer to land, which is awesome! However, animals will be animals, and sea creatures can not only be unpredictable but a lot of which are protected. This could land you a little shorter in cash if someone catches you touching one. We love our sea life and want you to admire and love them too, from a safe distance. Heck, take all the photos you want and photoshop yourself next to a sea creature; we won’t tell. All that matters is keeping both you and our sea friends safe.

Do: Consider Going During High Tide

There is a right time and place to hit up this island, and it’s not when the tide is feeling low. That’s because high tide is the best for Crab Island visits. Why is that? You may ask. High tide is when the water looks its best. We know, you’re not concerned about the water’s vanity, but what we mean to say is high tide leads to clearer waters. It can be beneficial to see where you’re moving throughout the water, and see the little fishies at your feet. Going back to aesthetics though, low tide brings the tide out; this is when Crab Island gets the bay water with grass, which causes the green tint that makes its emerald waters. Coming during any time is worth it, but high tide is a bonus.

Do: Bring Snacks and Cash

We want you to get your fill of Crab Island time, which means hanging around for a bit. While expending endless amounts of energy in joy-fueled activities along the sandbar, your tummy’s going to be calling. In times of hunger, we want you to be prepared. Crab Island has vendors occasionally for snacks, which is convenient and a fun experience to get your food from a boat; however, their schedule fluctuates, and there’s no certainty of vendors being near the island while you’re there. What’s the solution to preventing a tummy rumble? Bring some snacks, easy enough.

Do: Bring Your Alcohol

If you choose to drink adult beverages while heading towards Crab Island and on it, you’ll have to bring your own. The vendors on Crab Island are an experience like no other; however, it is illegal for vendors to sell alcohol on the water. With that being said, don’t forget how the Florida sun can sneak up on you, and remember to always hydrate.

Don’t: Forget To Have Fun

This one’s a doozy; with all these suggestions to get you to a next-level experience at Crab Island, rule number one is always to have fun.

As you can see we’ve covered all the bases when it comes to pontoons at Crab Island, now grab your crew and enjoy the ride!

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