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December 23, 2023 | Posted in Destin Guides

No Fear for The New Year: A Destin Guide

A new year equals a new you, a lighter, more fun, perhaps sun-kissed version of yourself. Take that New Year spirit to the land of emerald seas and white sandy beaches. Yes, you heard us right, grab those light-weather clothes because you’re going to Destin Florida for New Year’s. Where to go during this special time of year? You should know better than to worry when you have us as your tour guide. We know just the spots.

Places To Go for Your New Year’s Visit to Destin Florida

“Echoes of Enlightenment: New Year’s Sound Journey Retreat for New Beginnings.”

This year we want you to keep it zen, at the Echoes of Enlightenment: New Year’s Sound Journey Retreat for new beginnings that’s exactly what you’ll find. This event is for escaping the New Year’s Eve party scene and starting the new year in your peak mindset. What does this New Year’s event have to offer? Start your celebration off with a sound bath and then head on over to the Gratitude and Reflection Release Ceremony, take note of things you appreciate throughout this past year and write down new goals for the upcoming one. While you’re there, you can enjoy health-based refreshments like Crudités plates and nourishing beverages. Relax your way through the grounding breath work, protective shield visualization, and shared energy release ritual. Finish off with a closing New Year Self Care Ritual. Come to revive and rejoice for the new year.

Ron Adams New Year’s Eve Celebration!

We all know Ron Burgundy, but who is Ron Adams? An Alabamian-born man who began his singing career in the church as a child and quickly became recognized as a talented kid. He went into the police force during early adulthood in Birmingham, Alabama and even won the Police Officer of the Year award. His signing story began while doing an undercover drug deal at a well-known club. Rumor has it that the singer of the club butchered an Elvis tune. After Ron made an obvious face towards the musician, he challenged Ron to do it better. And so, Ron did and the rest is history. Today Ron travels the globe as an Elvis impersonator. So, what can you find at this New Year’s Eve celebration? Well, Elvis music of course but not only that there’s booze there’s food there’s dancing and fellow Elvis lovers. When the show is over, you’ll be singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with a performance this good.

New Year’s Eve Party at The Venue

Head over and see one of the most intimate New Year’s Eve parties in Destin, Florida at The Venue. Located in the center of downtown Fort Walton Beach, where a main hall is covered with large windows and three giant sides of lounge areas with waterfront views await. Throughout the evening you can expect a premium bar, Hors d’oeuvres, and music. Go and enjoy this luxurious black-tie event where you can cheer for the new year in your finest attire.

Poppin’ New Year’s Eve at Hotel Effie

Held in the gorgeous Hotel Effie, you can find this Poppin New Year’s Eve party. At the New Year’s Eve Hotel Effie, you can expect to see people rocking out to live music while delicious handcrafted cocktails await you at the bar.  Not only are the amenities to die for but you get a perfect view of the Baytowne Wharf fireworks. This rooftop party will be exclusive to people who purchased tickets, which means no stragglers here. Go on over and spend this new year in one of the best views of the city.

A Knight of Vibes 2.0

Enjoy a night of feasting with food curated by the fabulous private chef BK. Not only will you be well-fed while there, but you can expect to get your groove on with Music & MC by Byrdman DJ. The night will be filled with heavy hors d’oeuvres before the main course, so you’ll never starve. You can expect glitz, glamour, beer, wine, and classic cocktails. The real icing on this decadent New Year’s celebration cake is the view of the water. Lastly, feel good about where your money is going when it comes to ticket costs because a portion of the proceeds goes to Children in Crisis Inc. If all that isn’t enough, encounter the photo booth prizes or even count your luck with a raffle ticket. The dress code is black and gold so be sure to come dressed appropriately and have a blast.

Destin Pontoon Rental

While you have plenty of night activities to spend the new year you might be scratching your head on what to do during the day. Why not make the entire day a celebration? Destin pontoon boats for rent are great for you and your closest friends. Spend the day ashore soaking in the sun and getting the perfect bronzed glow for the evening. Lounge around in a Destin, Florida pontoon rental and drink a couple of cold ones on the 24’ boat or rent some snorkeling gear and explore the emerald waters. The possibilities of the sea are endless.

Our curated guide takes you to the heart of the festivities Destin has to offer. This New Year in Destin promises not just a celebration, but a rejuvenating experience, letting go of the old adventures and welcoming all the new ones that come your way.

Now all you have to do is give a big old countdown until the new year and enjoy all the festivities to come.

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