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October 23, 2023 | Posted in Destin Guides

Fine Dining: Destin in White Gloves

We too love the all-you-can-eat crab leg specials, sweet drinks in fun colors, and casual beachwear dining, but sometimes, a fancy night out is just what you need. Although not proven, food can taste a bit better with tableside service, silver spoons, and fine linen. So, find that special night fit, and let us do the work of finding the best fine dining available in Destin, FL.

Fine Dining Restaurants in Destin Florida


The name of this restaurant alone says, “I want your most expensive bubbly,” but trust us, it’s more than just a name. We don’t care what anyone says, aesthetics matter. If you come in wearing stilettos and a dress with the perfect fit, you don’t want the background to be some shack. Soleil is beautiful, with tall windows offering a view of the ocean, golden chandeliers with organic ocean-like shapes, and the foyer gives that Titanic moment when Jack meets Rose for dinner. Ok, enough with the fluff; let’s get to the meat of the potatoes. The food, which is mouthwateringly, unforgettably delicious. What can you expect on this menu? Miso-glazed salmon, seared scallops, filet mignon, sautéed grouper, and the list of tasty treasures goes on. Needless to say, this Destin fine dining spot is worth it; don’t forget to try the Oysters Rockefeller it’s to die for.

Mimmo’s Ristorante Italiano

If you’re looking for a little taste of Italy while you’re in Destin, FL, this is the spot for you. Mimmo, the owner and whom the restaurant is named after, fell in love with Destin – we understand, it’s great here – green waters, sunshine, beachwear all year round; what’s not to love? Anyway, Mimmo’s restaurant is not just on this list but has been on another list for Best of Emerald Coast, and won, TWICE. It’s safe to say this spot has cred. As for the inside, it is described as an old-world dining hall in combination with an American modern farmhouse. What can you sink your teeth into here? You can find your Italian classics, such as calamari frittata, bruschetta, and, of course, an assembly of Con Forno A Legna aka pizza. Live out your Italian romance through food at this Destin fine dining restaurant.


If you couldn’t tell by the name, Bijoux is a spin-off of New Orleanian cuisine and has been rated Destin’s top award-winning restaurant since 2022. The restaurant is located inside lavish surroundings, located at the entrance of Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. Just based on being able to go from spending the day golfing to getting dolled up for a fine dining experience makes this place a winner already. The inside decor is a dim-lit romantic scene with sheer white curtains and a marble bar, perfect for close conversations and dare we say a touch of romance? How about the food, you may ask? We’re glad you did. Here, they serve only what you would feed royalty. From duck confit to blackened brie, those are just the starters! The mains include dishes like a rack of lamb and seared diver scallops. If you love New Orleans, or even if you don’t, you get to experience a little piece of it at this Destin fine dining establishment, and we promise you won’t regret it.

Marina Cafe

The Marina Cafe is the human portrayal of the romantic candlelit alleyway pictured in Lady and The Tramp, and although the pasta is not fictional, it is so good you will think so. What’s the vibe? Giant windows face the ocean, which is fitting considering its name. A serene covered outdoor dining area surrounds the barrier between land and sea. Pure mermaid magic dining. As for the food, the menu lists decadent entrees like Floridian Grouper, Pan-Seared Andouille-Crusted Louisiana Redfish, and Pan-Seared Scottish Salmon. This spot is shelling out more than those sea views, that’s for sure.

Louisiana Lagniappe

This restaurant is not just some pretty new thing; it’s got a little history and has been serving Destinians since 1984. Why is it called “Louisiana” Lagniappe? Well, the Creole flavor, of course. What does the inside of this Destin fine dining joint look like? You can find white linen tables and rustic brass chandeliers, along with comfortable seats made for sticking around for a few hours. When it comes to the food, we already know you’ll be expecting a Creole taste, but Louisiana Lagniappe has its flair too. The award-winning restaurant serves rich dishes like Lobster Rangoon and Tournedos of Beef. If you’ve never experienced Creole, this restaurant will have you craving more.

Prime Rose

The Prime Rose was named after Destin’s first commercial fishing boat and serves dishes by renowned chef Tyler Simmons. The food’s genre fits into creative contemporary gourmet. The inside aesthetic is classically Floridian, with light beach-colored vaulted ceilings and teal bulb-shaped light fixtures; when you’re here, you’re on vacation. Let’s talk menu; the deliciousness begins with Flo Country Grouper and ends with their sweet butter cake. Not only is this restaurant delicious, but if you’re looking for places to stay, consider The Henderson Beach Resort to make this restaurant your new kitchen.

Other Activities in Destin

Now that we’ve shown you the finest Destin has to offer, you might wonder what else to do on your trip while here. Xtreme H2O has all the necessities needed for luxury meets fun and without all the hassle; all you have to do is pick your adventure and enjoy the experience. We have in Destin, Florida pontoon rentals to enjoy being on the water.  While you are at it, you should go to Crab Island. Going to Crab Island in Destin, Florida, on a pontoon rental is a just-do activity. We have a Destin pontoon boat rental here at Xtreme H2O. Now, all that you need to do to make your trip full of fun and relaxation is to book with us!

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