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June 21, 2024 | Posted in Destin Guides

Renting a Private Charter Boat in Destin: Pros & Cons

Watersports are very popular to try out especially here in Destin, Florida. Today, we are focusing on one, which is our private charter rentals. Destin, Florida, boat rentals are very popular during the summer months, and here at Xtreme H2O, we aim to provide the best of the best. A Destin pontoon boat rental is a whole lot of fun for all ages and isalso a great way to try out something new, especially for the out-of-towners. Try out the Crab Island pontoon rental in Destin, Florida with us here at Xtreme H2O! A pontoon boat charter has its pros and cons.

The Pros and Cons of Renting a Private Charter in Destin

Pro: A Licensed Captain

Having a licensed captain on the private charter is a huge advantage. This allows everyone to enjoy themselves and not have to worry about who drives the boat. The captain will drive you to where you want to be for the duration of your trip, helping out the group without anyone needing to be the designated driver. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Pro: Privacy Onboard

Privacy onboard is a great pro when renting a private charter. At most, six people are onboard, not including the licensed captain. This way, you can just hang out with friends and family. The privacy is more with the fact that no one else but your group can go on the boat.. With that privacy, it means you can play whatever music you want, no need to worry about some stranger ruining the party with their weird music.

Pro: Going to Crab Island in Style

You can do something fun with the private charter: head over to Crab Island in style. As talked about many times before, Crab Island is a sandbar where many locals and tourists go to hang out. The only way you are able to get to Crab Island is by boat or jet ski. The private charter will allow you to get to the area in a smooth way. Just let your licensed captain know where you want to go and then you are off.

Pro: Seeing the Surrounding Areas

While on the private charter, you will be able to see more of Destin’s surrounding areas. These include Destin Harbor, East Pass, Crab Island, and Choctawhatchee Bay. The group will be able to see areas that are not seen as much. On the boat, you can have your waterproof camera to take pictures of the scenery. There are so many sights you will see that you have not seen before, thanks to being on the boat.

Pro: Included Dolphin Tour

Keep an eye out for any marine life you just might see onboard. When you rent a private charter boat with Xtreme H2O, you will have an included dolphin tour that will let you get up close to these animals. You will get to see where they are in their natural habitat. Sometimes, it might be one dolphin, but it also could be a couple of them swimming around. Ensure your group does not miss the opportunity to take many pictures of the dolphins swimming.

Pro: Great for a Bachelorette Group

If you are coming to Destin for a bachelorette trip, this is the perfect time to rent one of the private charter boats. Here at Xtreme H2O, we offer Bachelorette Group packages to help with the celebration of the future bride. The basic package includes one inflatable ring floaty, ring drink holders, a sign, and lei necklaces for each person. The upgrade packages are each theme-based. Each theme includes custom decoration based on the theme. The themes the group can choose from are Last Sail Before the Vail, Last Rodeo, and Dazed & Engaged. If there is anything else the group would like, there are add-ons that can be applied.

Con: Driving to the Parking Location

One con that could be for some people is not being able to get on the boat. You have to get to the parking location. Most of the time, anyone visiting Destin drives down, so anytime leaving the hotel or condo, it is by car. If your condo/hotel is close enough to walk, then no problem. Uber or Lyft always help you get to the location if no one wants to drive. If you are trying to save money, you must drive at least to the parking location. Just make sure whoever is driving after spending time on the boat is able to drive after.

Con: Remembering to Bring Items not Provided

Many things are already included on the private charter boat. The only thing is that not everything you will need is there, leading to the con of remembering to bring items not already provided. Here is a list of what items to bring for the private charter boat: sunglasses, a hat, Towels, sunscreen, ID, cash, and snacks/drinks. You are allowed to bring alcoholic beverages as long as everyone consuming them is over the age of 21. Just try your best to remember everything before heading over to go on the charter boat.

Con: The Weather

Weather is always going to be a con factor with outdoor activities.  When renting the boat, sometimes, when you book in advance, the weather can say it’s sunny, and then all of a sudden, it ends up pouring rain. In the event of bad weather, we will try to reschedule for either a later time or date. If you are planning on renting a private charter boat during a vacation, the best thing to do is book early in on the trip. That way, if your private charter gets canceled, rescheduling will not be as hard to do.

Come and Rent a Private Charter in Destin!

After listing the pros and cons, we hope this gives you an idea of renting a private charter here in Destin, Florida. Make sure to check out Xtreme H2O for all your questions and needs. Now I think it is time to go rent a private charter for the memories.

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Renting a Private Charter Boat in Destin: Pros & Cons

Watersports are very popular to try out especially here in Destin, Florida. Today, we are focusing on one, which is our private charter rentals. Destin, […] Read More ››